Unique Bingo Card Patterns

Something New In Bingo

There comes a time in every Bingo player's life that they start to get bored with the mundane day to day offerings that they find on the typical Bingo site. Often times these sites only offer the standard Bingo fare of straight line patterns. Sometimes you will get lucky and they will offer a Blackout version or maybe a few general patterns. But when you really want to try something different you have to find a site that offers something truly unique. A lot of times all it takes to make things a little more interesting is just a few cool new patterns to galvanize your game play. The first step is of course finding a site that provides these new and exciting patterns, and then being able to identify what you have once you've located it.


Where to find Unique Bingo Card Patterns

Any Bingo player has to realize the inherent limitations on exactly what can be placed on a Bingo Card. There are many very novel ideas that have been tried when it comes to Bingo Cards, however, it is the tried and true cards that have become the most popular. For this reason you will be hard pressed to find holographic or 3D Bingo Cards. While these types of cards are certainly unique they are very, very rare and will not be found on sites where you will be able to win any money. The most popular, unique cards that you will find typically fall within three categories of patterns.

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Top Three Unique Bingo Card Patterns

There are typically three patterns that are very unique in their appearance that you will certainly find on many online Bingo sites. These patterns are Static Bingo Card Patterns, Crazy Bingo Card Patterns, and Wild Bingo Card Patterns.

Static Bingo Card Patterns are typical shapes and patterns and range from the common to the extremely unique depending on the shape or pattern that is designed into them. Virtually any shape or pattern that you can think of that will fit on a Bingo Card can be found on a Static Bingo Card.

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Crazy Bingo Card Patterns, however, are where things start to get exciting. These are the same patterns that you would find on a Static Bingo Card but they can be found in a number of different orientations on the card. For example, if the card that you are looking at is known to contain a boat shaped pattern that boat might be situated at any ninety-degree angle increment on the card. It might be facing backwards or be straight up and down, or anything in between really.

The Wild Bingo Card Pattern is the last unique pattern that you are likely to find. These are where a static pattern is located someplace on the card. It will never be in a place where you think it will be and the fun of this card is in the hunt.