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Some Useful and Useless Bingo Facts

Bingo and Online Bingo

Following the bingo game's popularity at local bingo halls, the game of bingo has made its way online. Due to the success of the Internet in general and online gaming opportunities, it was probably only a matter of time until online bingo pursuits became a reality. It is clear that certain modifications were necessary in order to transform bingo into a viable form of online entertainment, but it should be noted that online bingo is based on the traditional game of bingo.

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Bingo Game Trivia

For bingo enthusiasts, a little bit of trivia concerning the bingo game may be interesting. After all, a bit of information would not hurt anyone. It should perhaps be noted that it is unlikely that bingo trivia would help anyone to win a bingo game and nor will it provide details of how to play the game of bingo. This bingo trivia is for pure fun and light entertainment.

Bingo Game Trivia

It is believed that the original name of bingo is 'beano'. The game of bingo seemingly gained this name as beans were used to mark the selected numbers. The history of the story goes that the name of bingo then arose when an excited player called out 'bingo' by mistake when winning.

The largest bingo game is considered to have included a massive number of 60,000 players. That certainly is one big game of bingo!

The possible number of unique bingo cards is 1,474,200.

In addition to presenting an entertaining form of amusement, bingo is helpful to the community, as this is a popular fundraising game.

The Australian version of the bingo game is known as 'Housie'.

Bingo was spread to the general public in the U.S. as "Lowe's Bingo" by Edwin S. Lowe, a toy salesman. This bingo game apparently did wonders for Lowe's sales figures and good for his toy company.

In the U.K. there are approximately 700 official and licensed bingo clubs.

In the voice of a British bingo caller, an average of 23 numbers may be called out per minute.

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Trivia Regarding Playing the Bingo Game

Playing the game of bingo is believed to boost the gamers' mental pace in addition to their recall and observation abilities. So, bingo is good for you! The element of luck plays a big part in land bingo and online bingo and many players have superstitions regarding the game. Such superstitions may be keeping to lucky numbers or wearing lucky clothes when playing bingo.

This article comes to a close with a particularly useless piece of information concerning the bingo game. It appears that lucky names for bingo players are Margaret and Joe. In light of this information, if one of these is not your name, perhaps it would be worthwhile considering a name change for online bingo entertainment! Maybe one of these names could be used as a bingo login name. There is of course no guarantee that this would make any difference, but perhaps it would bring about some bingo luck.