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Bingo as a Fundraiser

Using Bingo as a Fundraiser

Depending on where you live in the world Bingo may or may not be legal to play, or at least to play for money. If you decide that you just have to gamble on Bingo and the place where you live does not allow gambling on Bingo you might find yourself looking for a satisfactory alternative. For many that satisfactory alternative is playing the game of Bingo as part of a fundraiser. Fundraisers are not generally governed by the same laws that apply to a Bingo Hall, or online gambling site. And while fundraisers might be viewed as simply watered down versions of their gambling site brethren they do provide a wonderful experience nonetheless.

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Where to Find Fundraisers

There are plenty of establishments that provide fundraisers. Most notable among these gathering spots are local humanitarian groups as well as church groups. In fact, you would be hard pressed to go out among the various church groups and not find at least one or two that would be having a Bingo as a Fundraiser. Actually all of Bingo just might owe its unbelievable success to the advent of being used as a fundraising tool. After coming to America Bingo started off at a carnival as a side game. When the person that had developed Bingo into its modern version was approached by a church group to create more varied Bingo cards so that it could be used as a fundraiser, the game of Bingo took off and it spread much faster than it would have without its fundraising roots.

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Starting a Bingo Fundraiser

There are many reasons people decide to start a Bingo fundraiser. Of course the main reason is to raise funds for a cause. The nobler the cause the more likely people will come to your Bingo fundraiser. Getting started is relatively simple and once you have the supplies that you need the amount of funds that you can raise are virtually limitless.

The first step is purchasing a set-up. These range from the very inexpensive to the very ornate and fancy. You need at least a good number of Bingo balls and a tumbler to achieve a random number. You will also need an ample supple of Bingo cards and markers. Most people use daubers or markers for players to mark their cards but you can use just about anything, including beans. Beans were used when the game was first invented and the game was originally called "Beano." You can even print Bingo cards online to save money. After you have your set up you will just have to decide what to charge per card, what prizes to give, and when you want to have your fundraiser.

Staying Legal

While some may view this form of Bingo as gambling it is well outside the realm of activities that local governments seek to regulate. So if gambling is your thing and you don't want to break any laws try Bingo at your local fundraiser, you?ll never go wrong there.