What is Free Bingo Money?

Understanding Free Bingo Play

To begin with it is best to come to terms with all the familiarities of the online bingo site before exploring the "Free Bingo Money"

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Free Bingo Money - The Purpose

When asking "What is Free Bingo Money" it is important to understand not just what free bingo money is, but why it is. Free bingo money is one of the ways that online bingo sites use to entice new customers into their venue and to encourage old customers to remain loyal. Thus for the online bingo site it is a way to increase their numbers, creating the most traffic possible, and hence a successful online bingo site. For a customer, free bingo offers are a chance to glean money with an opportunity to get started in a site, a means of building a bankroll, and a chance to practice on games at no risk.

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Free Play Bingo

One meaning of free bingo money is free play bingo. A free play bingo game will run like a regular bingo game with all of the features of a regular online bingo game; however a free play or fun game will run with a payroll of "play money". This means that the dollars it shows you that you have to play with can not be cashed out or used as real money, it's just simulated funds.

Deposit and No Deposit Bingo Welcome Bonuses

There are two main types of welcome bonuses that exist in online bingo sites, the deposit and the no deposit bingo bonuses. A no deposit bingo bonus is a bonus in which your account will be credit with real playing money in exchange for you becoming a member. Usually, to claim this kind of no deposit bingo bonus, you will have to download the software and open a real money account, but you will not be required to make a deposit.

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No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bingo bonus is usually of a fairly small denomination, just to get you started. The other type of welcome bonus is usually a deposit bonus. A deposit bonus is when you download the software, open a real money account and make a first deposit. That deposit will then be matched to a certain percentage.For example, you might get a 100% welcome bonus which means that if you deposit £100 you will actually have £200 in your account to play with. Both of these bingo bonuses are really free bingo moneybecause it is money that you can play real-cash games with, and win real prizes from although you didn't actually put that money there. All of these deposits do come with wagering requirements, and the conditions must be read before committing to the bonus.

Ongoing Bingo Bonus Free Money Give-Aways

The best kind of free bingo money is the type that just keeps on coming. Welcome bonuses are great but they are a one shot deal. So then, what is free bingo money that's worth getting excited about? The type that comes your way every month, every week, every deposit  it doesn't matter how, it just must be regular. Hence it's always worthwhile to look out for bingo sites that offer regular free bingo money give-aways.