Women Bingo Players

Bingo as Women's Game

The vast popularity of bingo can no longer be denied. Once disregarded by most hardened casino veterans as a game for the meek and the elderly, the game has proven over and over again that it has a universal appeal that transcends all boundaries, whether they are geographic, physical, age related, or societal. All over the world, you will find bingo halls in casinos, game rooms and even church functions filled with bingo players of all ages and all backgrounds, taking in a few rounds of enjoyable bingo action. In fact, the estimated more than 1.6 billion people who played bingo in the United States in 2006 is sheer testament to the drawing power of the bingo game. Definitely one of the most popular games in the gaming scene, the number of bingo players is sure to grow even more in the years to come.

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Typical Impressions of Bingo Players

The common impression of bingo players is that they are mostly women above a certain age, typically those well into their senior years. While this is a gross generalization as numerous statistics have shown the median age for bingo players in the online bingo web sites was actually placed at around 41 years old - it does have a bit of truth to it, with regard to the gender of bingo players.

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Women Dominate The Bingo Halls

A survey of free online bingo web sites has shown that their clientele was mostly made up of women. In fact, the percentage of women bingo players versus male players is about 8 to 2. "Hold on," you might be saying, "what about all of those grandmothers who pack the bingo halls on a regular basis" Surely that means that bingo is in fact, mostly played by older women, right? Well, the fact of the matter is that only forms a part of the equation. While grandma Beatrice may indeed be making a killing down at the local bingo hall, what you don't see is the number of considerably younger women who are logging on at home and playing bingo online. As much as 85% of the bingo players at the online web sites play the game from home, and as much as 50% log on to play every single day!


Why Bingo Players Play the Game

There are many reasons why bingo players (men and women included) would opt to play bingo from their own home. There is the comfort and convenience factor for one thing, and the inclusion of an autoplay feature by many online bingo web sites makes the game rival even the fastest paced casino games in sheer excitement and thrills. The addition of real time chat functionality adds even more appeal to the game, and keeps people from feeling like they are missing out by playing at home instead of in an actual bingo hall.

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Increase In Male Bingo Players

Regardless of the game' s propensity to attract women players, there is certainly enough attraction provided by the game to draw in considerable numbers of male bingo players as well. As appealing as the game is for women, it is one that men can play as well, and have just as much fun doing so!