Worldwide Bingo - Around the Globe

A phenomenon of worldwide bingo has taken off literally around the globe in recent years. This has led to a great number of bingo game styles and variations which are played throughout different countries. The fast paced game of bingo can be found, around the world, being played in massive bingo halls, small halls, downtown bars, and luxurious, high class lounges. Today, bingo is even played over the Internet. As bingo has expanded all over the planet, millions of different players, of all types of social backgrounds and age groups, have taken to the game. It is especially beloved for being a social type of game that pulls people together.

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Origins of Bingo

Bingo was originally created and popularized in Italy. Gradually, it expanded to countries such as Spain, Australia, UK, and the US. As the game of bingo crossed from one countries to another, its features changed. The card layouts, patterns, and even name of the game, in some cases, changed. In Spain, the bingo rooms prove to be among the most musical and colourful of those found in the world. This is in keeping with the vibrant and lively Spanish culture.

Bingo In Great Britain

In the UK, as well as throughout a large part of the rest of Europe, bingo held onto its original roots. The UK's principal change was to alter the bingo card. Instead of the 75 Ball Bingo format that was used first in Italy and then America, the Brits prefer a 90 Ball Bingo format. In such versions of bingo as the British one, three different rows of number exist on every ticket or card.

British bingo has a variety of fun and unusual names for the bingo balls as their being called. For example, 37 is called 'A Flea In Heaven', 61 is called 'A Baker's Bun', 86 is called 'Between the Sticks', and 17 is of-course the 'Dancing Queen'.

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Bingo in North America

In North America, principally in the United States and Canada, bingo is mostly played within bingo halls possessing local ties to churches, fundraisers, and schools. It is also found in retirement based community centers. Such bingo games are generally played in 75 Ball Bingo format. The Bingo Caller is usually the one who runs and promotes the game within the community. With the growth of Bingo Games in popularity, a number of bingo halls in both the United States and Canada have innovated a variety of new cutting edged technological features. Among these is satellite bingo. This version of bingo links up a number of bingo halls in a common network. The main benefit to this is that it allows for the payout of the 'linked' games to be substantially increased.

Bingo in the Commonwealth

Naturally, as bingo has proven to be so wildly successful in the UK, it makes sense that in the major British colonies it caught on as well. Throughout New Zealand, Australia, and large parts of India, a game very similar to bingo is enjoyed. This is called Housie. The players in this game match up numbers on individual tickets along with the ones that a dedicated bingo caller calls out.

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Online Bingo Around the World

Bingo's latest frontier, which it's conquering with astonishing speed, is Internet based bingo. The popularity of these online versions of bingo are expanding and taking the UK, Japan, Spain, Australia, the United States, and New Zealand by storm. Online bingo websites and companies have sprung up in all of these countries. Even though the United States is still home to the majority of worldwide bingo players, these various other countries are catching up quickly.